I Love the Natural World!

I’m determined to create a new perspective on life in the universe.  My fascination is and has been the structure and nature of life and living things.  Biology has called to me since as far back as I can remember; it’s a complex and dynamic expression of the very nature of our universe.  I want to capture and share my sense of wonder and share it with you.

As a first grade student, I shared my tropical fish aquarium within my classmates with a walking fieldtrip to my house, handily just across the street from my school.  Shortly, there after I had a burgeoning population of tadpoles, and tree frogs collected from pools along the railroad tracks that ran near our house, and every spring for several years a population of baby birds stolen from local songbird nest. In retrospect, only the fieldtrip stands the test of time,  but all of  it was the stuff I loved and come to know.  Life gained my undivided curiosity.

60 years later, I’m still very much attracted to life, and have spent a lifetime sharing it via interactive exhibits and programs.  Most of that time, I worked at the Exploratorium, first as an exhibit developer–basically, a cleaver engineer, and junior scientist, working along side Frank Oppenheimer, Robert’s surviving brother, and brilliant physicist in his own right, and then as founder of the biology/animal behavior section.  From that position, I created or participated in the development of more than a couple of hundred exhibits, headed up a department and up the creation and presentation major Exploratorium biology exhibitions.  It has been a fun journey, and I’ll share some of those experiences with you as well.

I can’t say my subject material will be consistently focused like a laser because life itself doesn’t work that way,  but it will be an exploration, and it should be fun more than anything else.

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